Thursday, 17 July 2014

Grayson Perry said he was scared of me...

Having just done a performance, Denise suggested that I put the costume back on and go and meet Grayson Perry. Despite some protest I agreed and went to him...
 After posing for photos I continued on my way.

 That girl was obsessed with my belly button, as I have a sticky out one.

 Looks like we had a magic moment. He asked me if I had an erection and the said I was scaring him.
 He also suggested that I was making fun of Transsexuals, I replied that I was most definitely not and that I was surprised he was scared of anything, He said he was not scared of concepts but was only human and scared of lots of things.
 Seeing these pictures I think I would have been scared as well... It did make me think about why I keep on doing this to my self. My dissertation was about attachment theory and shame, I want to look as way out and crazy as possible. because it makes people uncomfortable, Myself included... Its interesting that Grayson Perry was afraid of me and I would suggest that its because I don't conform to a particular group that although the porn on the pants is gay porn, the breast suggest something else.
 Grayson perry is a house hold name and people accept him because although he wears outrages cloths, that by his own admission, he wants the designer to create the most grotesque and awful dress, something you would never want to be seen out in. They still have a likeable and familiar aesthetics a clown costume or a dolls dress. I try and push this and think about how Paul MacCarthy would look if he was a transsexual. The only aesthetic is one of a brutal truth no touching up, WARTS & ALL
 Its not meant to be easy, if it was then there would be no point, this performance was inspired by the amazing work of Paul Kindersley  / who it turns out went to Chelsea...
 I also showed a new work, 'Brute force and Ignorance' Thanks to Frances for not only getting me but for bringing this so speedily to a usable state. Although it does need some tweaking still.

 Thanks to caroline for demonstrating it so beautifully...

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