Sunday, 17 August 2014

Artist C.V Joshua Raffell

Artist C.V.
Joshua Raffell
48, Granleigh Rd,
E11 4RQ
Mobile: 07986157748 
Born Nuneaton, England, 24th February 1970

Exhibitions: Solo Show, Studio1.1., 7th August 2014, Brazier Park, Oxfordshire, ‘…To Deprave and Corrupt’ Talk and group show, 17th-18th May 2014,
Raw Artist, Proud Camden, 25th Sept 2013, Sluice art fair, October 2013,
 Stonespace Gallery Group Show, ‘Reside’, Feb 2013
Studio1.1 Solo Show, ‘30 days 30 artists’ July 10th -11th 2012,
The Other Art Fair,P3, 10th – 13th May 2012, P3, The Fountain, 11th – 15th April, 2012, Framless Gallery,  Art/Convertors, studio1.1 19th Jan-29th Jan2012, studio1.1 Boutique Hook, Jan 6th -14th 2012, Solo Show. Cycled Around London Rivington Space. Book Binding with ‘Fabelists’ with work on Trailer, Oct, 2011.Sluice art-fair, London. Oct 2011. Supernormal, Oxfordshire, August 2011. Hackney Wicked, The Framing Workshop, Hackney Wick, July 2011. Solo show, studio1.1, Pop Up, May 2011. Half Baked, London, March & April 2011. Cycled Around London with work on Trailer, Feb, March, April, 2011. APT gallery, Q-Art, Nov,2010.
Publications: ‘REWIND’ Aldgate Press Ltd, London, 2009,  

Please check out my blog for current work and to see what inspires me…

Current-  “Clusterfuck Asthetics” (a manic depressive panic attack in the face of information overload). Jerry Saltz. I intend to strip back current affairs by dissecting the hypocrisy of those in power questioning ideas of taboo and shame. I propose that we no longer know where we stand in a modern complex society because our natural urges are suppressed, perverted and altered beyond the realms of natural, into something confused and confusing (unnatural) working around the ideas of Anthropologist Mary Douglas ‘Purity and Danger’ I want to remove shame and dirt the things that marginalize us. I want to explore a world without the constraints of consumerism, Religion, I intend to make work that breaks down the barrier of shame to analyse and dissect attachment theory as away to create work that questions and provokes debate…

Michael Keenan & Keran James  Brian Chalkley     Chelsea, MA Fine Art, Course Leader

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