Thursday, 16 October 2014

Out & about with Rebecca Molloy x

Went to Rosenfeld Porcini Gallery to see  Nicola Samori

 These powerful images of biblical and classical beauty. Beautifully painted and then ripped apart to question the fragility of life love and religion. The viscosity of the paint adds a modern twist as it oozes from the ripped or cut canvas giving the painting another dimension and a contemporary feel. Just like the absurd idea that red wine represents the blood of christ and the bread his flesh the paint which spills from these cuts are as layered and compelling. Yet the blood, flesh and skin congeal into the abstract questioning whats real and whats make believe.

Next stop the Sunday art fair which everybody at Chelsea was raving about last year was flat and lacking in lustre. Most of the work felt badly made and not even to the point of being good but there was a feeling of pretension in the works being shown Although these works were interesting 

 Shame I could not work out who the artist is or the gallery but if anyone knows I would be interested in finding out more about the artist.

Studio Volitare also stuck out as showing work by Laura Aldridge who's work was playful and fun with assemblages of many different materials 

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