Friday, 10 October 2014

Studio work in progress

Since leaving Chelsea I have spent a considerable amount of time working on my studio which is the garage at the and of our garden. I replaced the roof and build the extra part at the front. The doors where  from a house in Ilford, who had just had double glazing and yesterday, I got 5 doors from free cycle to replace the garage doors and let in more light. Its not been without its problems the worst being Asbestos roof which we had checked out at a local roofers they said it was not the asbestos we need to worry about and although they were right you still need to dispose of it the same way Asbestos is asbestos and it needs to be either kept in whole sheets or double bagged and the council will provide these because we hired a skip we had contaminated the whole of the skip which then all needed to be bagged up. Costing us over a grand in the end... Ouch !

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