Saturday, 7 June 2014

Essence a group show by Emily Kathryn Stevens

The Birds Nest Pub near CreekSide
ESSENCE  group show by Emily Kathryn Stevens

Went to Deptford to see Emilys group show  This show brings together a group of observant artists who all create work that humanity destines us to connect with. By embracing a similar bond, such as nostalgia or loss in our practice, we are reflecting on the core of our existence. By observing human nature, we observe ourselves - learning deeper into our understanding of our surroundings.
Text from the show press release
Emily Stevens

Emily Stevens 

The bottom line Deptford

'Here, the other side' APT Gallery

I also visited Apt Gallery I particularly liked a written text by Sarah Duffy 'Surplus Matter' I dream that this person never died at all, that they were a fraud. When they come back they always reject me and they disappear again. This sense of rejection is deep and ancient; it is a bodily form of rejection, and by this I mean that I feel ejected, like surplus matter, thrown away somehow like an awkward heap of bones and muscle and blood. It's like the frozen posture of a statue after it's briefly awoken and then forced back into impenetrable silence. its the puppet that after brief fervent period of animation returns to its limp posture, hunched and waiting. when i wake up, i become frozen; i'm that limp puppet waiting for activation and for the reassurance of human hands. I become the stuffed childhood animal that lies at the back of it's masters wardrobe plotting its revenge, angry and hurt that i've been forgotten.

This lone house amongst the industrial buildings ...

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