Monday, 30 June 2014

Galleries & Artist this gallery has some great artist on their books, like Bill Viola But is it still going as the exhibitions only mention 2013 ?

,Sterling Ruby's 
Sterling Ruby 

work also reminds me of Alexandre da Cunha who also came into Chelsea and gave us a talk about his work. However I do like the cement mixer drums that he puts on plinths, They also remind me of 
Alexandra da Cunha
Joana-Vasconcelos who was with the Haunch of Venison a gallery I loved to visit really sad that closed.
They all feels highly polished and a polite questioning of the detritus of modern life, while there is something interesting in that I lean more towards Annette Messager, "Dependant, Independant"
Annette Messager
or the early works of Cleos Oldendurg 
Cleos Oldenburg
 for me these works have a more visceral impact on the audience. The clean over polished aesthetics reflect a consumer, capitalist state. I'm more interested in the underbelly of society where sin and dedauchery take us back to the animal instincts, pre religion and pre prejudice, The moment before labels like 'Its a Girl' define who and what you should become to fit into a social structure.

I lean more towards Marvin Chetwynd 
Marvin Gaye Chetwynd
 Delaine La Bas
Delaine La Bas
or Paul Maccarthy who's work pulls you in and churns up your emotions. Although I do like the repetition and pattern of the work so will take something from that. Also been looking at Chapman brothers earlier work again. 

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