Sunday, 8 June 2014

'Its a Load of Rubbish' Rebecca Molloy & Joshua Raffell

This was a collaboration with Rebecca Molloy @ Chelsea  to see the performance follow the link
Also we did a second video

 It’s a Load Of Rubbish

Press Release

"There is no eloquence without the screaming" Patrick Jones

“People need to believe that order can be glimpsed in the chaos of events.”  John Gray

Artists Rebecca Molloy and Joshua Raffell have collaborated to create a performance piece revolving around newspaper, the body and movement. Set in Trafalgar Square/Hyde Park.

They met at Chelsea College of Art and Design studying MA Fine Art and will graduate in 2014. It became apparent early on that they shared similar interests in their own art practice dealing with issues around the human body, obsession, shame, abstraction and the hybrid.

The work was inspired by Les Krims, Marvin Gay Chetywynd and Pina Bausch. They also watched a series of documentaries and films relating to obsession, mania, suffering and popular culture such as The Human Centipede and documentaries of Ted Bundy, which influenced a room of madness and chaos.

Covering a shared studio in newspapers to create an immersive installation, the artists wanted to create works that came from the process of dialogue and spontaneity. Through the process of play and uncertainty the artists created a suspended reality, which involved characters, arguments, dance and role-play. Taking this a step further by creating outfits that not only absorbed the surrounding but also changed the way they related to the environment. This allowed the artists to explore obsessions, environments and the creations of realities, which also explored capitalism, greed and consumerism.

The performance using disregarded newspaper seemed to transform into an elegant and beautiful interpretation, an unlikely finale from the chaos that ensued in the studio. Like children playing the artists allowed the knowledge to be absorbed for a very fluid and visceral outcome. Leaving the interpretation open to the viewer. The performance at Trafalgar Square will be an adaptation of the original.

Rebecca Molloy - MA Fine Art Chelsea College of Art and Design
Molloy’s practice is concerned with the manufacturing of new environments from the
combination of bodies, objects and spaces. The work is predominantly formed of
paintings, installation, film and sculpture to create an immersive and alternative
understanding of the human form.With an aesthetic of expressionist painterliness, combined with a collage like approach
to installation, the work seeks to understand the relationships between traditional mark
making, contemporary understanding of images and our perceptions of reality. Molloy’s
practice also flips between the dialogue of representation and abstraction as way to
explore the body in space. As Maurice Merleau-Ponty wrote: “it is only through the body
that we can truly experience space”
Recent Exhibitions include Repre Residency, DegreeArt London (2013), Creative
Quarter, London (2013) and she will be artist in residence at the Trelex Residency,
Switzerland, (2015)

Joshua Raffell – Ma Fine Art Chelsea Collage of Art and Design
Raffells work deal with shame and taboo. By Pushing the boundaries the things that he would normally find uncomfortable in doing so questioning the tolerance of both himself and the audience. Accepting   imperfection and embracing difference.
Recent shows, “…to debauch and courrupt” Brazier Park(2014), Cult Mountain (2014), Sluice (2013) with a solo show in August @ studio1.1

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