Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Richard Jackson "New Paintings" Hauser & Wirth

On 23 May - 26 July Los Angeles based artist shows a selection of new works including large scale mechanical installations.
Bobble Head
 Influenced by both Abstract Expressionism and action paintings these works are crude but well made works are bought to live only to destroy and break down the ideas of traditional painting, The paint becomes a liquid or a bodily fluid that reflect a debase and natural function like defecation and sexual permiscuity.
Copy Room (foreground) House of Pain-t (left background)
 Yet the work remains fun and familiar using imagery from lowbrow American culture. Using motifs from hunting and baseball.
He often use's the clown in his work and and he created this grotesque sculpture with breasts as eyes and and a penis that ejaculates paint as it spins around the work becomes a aftermath of unpredictable painting through the process of play and kinetic in the work. They take on a life of their own...
I also went to see the Phyllida Barlow Fifty Years of Drawings on entering the exhibition space you are overwhelmed by the amount of drawings presented they fill all the space making quite a statement. She left Chelsea in 1960's Her work looks at the object and the space around it...

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