Monday, 19 May 2014

Berlin 2014 with friends from Chelsea + Art and shows visited

Will Reid made these T-shirt for the both of us as we had planned to share a bunk bed. We had so much fun, as well as looking at art. I was looking for work or more information about Andrea Franko but found this instead

With Kelly Sweeney... We went to  Nassive place with a large exhibition of Joseph Beuys work

With Henry Gardiner & Jinjoo Kim. I liked the work of Jonathan Monk and the humour in his work He had Small Puppets in the entrance of the Hamburger Bahnhof

also with Nalini Thapen. Also really liked the work of Ceal Foyer She had made a pattern around the edge of the room with an image of a small pair of scissors behind a magnifying glass. I liked the reference to Alice in wonderland and a large print with small scissors...

This place was empty, Maybe it was in the sign.... Also seen work by Dieter Roth & Bjorn Roth

Urinal near our Hostel East Seven great stay and very clean, We thought people and waiters were rude, until we found out that its just the way they are. Loved the street Kastanienallee street where we met Alex and her partner, We also had the most amazing falafel and a late night drink  in a bar down this road.

We went to MONSTERKABINETT roshenthalstrabe39. Near Anne Frank Museum.
Berliner Dom was on Museum Island although I never went into any of the museums I enjoyed a walk around them
We visited the Monument of Jews who lost their lives in the 2 work war.

Aei Weiweie Evidence a look at the work inspired mostly by the incarceration by the Chinese Government

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