Monday, 19 May 2014

Interim show @ Chelsea 2014

This work came about as previous work have an obvious (that is obvious to me) kinetic element to the work. I had made a strange body where the viewer is encouraged to bend over and look inside a bum-hole to view the animation inside. This act not only forced the viewer into a position of being some how apart of the work but also left the viewer vulnerable as they are bent over.

Two days before I had been talking with peers about the work and it was discussed  that I should hide behind a bush and rush out naked when the work is being viewed.
So I set about making this costume. with a rather large bird box that when necessary opens up to reveal a large penis. This is some what ambiguous which I think only adds to the piece.

In future I intend not to walk around with the work but stay still as when I moved this distracted the person from viewing the work. As they became aware of there vulnerability.
The animation was 'Tune in next week' a work inspired by Nathalie Djurberg see fig14
The feed back was encouraging the work was fun and interesting, although some people felt uncomfortable but I guess thats what the work does. It evokes extremes in people. 

Looking at extreme Performance artist like Stelarc Ron Athey who also came into Chelsea and discussed his work.
and Bob Flanagan who Why also his installation work 'The Waiting Room'
This artist work is really powerful and moving this particular work 'Anxitey' is look at depression and a sense of being drowned by your very being...
I was really concerned about the work as it felt understated Fig10 and without the usual bright colours associated with my work. It was challenge to accept that it was ok to put something in a gallery space that I might not be comfortable with.

Although I enjoyed the performance I did feel the running up to people was to distarcting, while this was also ok I just felt that it was not where I wanted to take the work.  Fig11 and Fig 12
Its was also interesting when a peer told me that I have a great body, I was shocked by this statement as I don't see this. One of the reasons for using myself and my own body is because it is imperfect and not the prefect shape or has a defined. Its my normal body with a weight issue that goes up and down that due to lack of exercise is out of shape and not well maintained. I used to swim a lot but can no longer afford to do this. I do cycle as much as possible... I have been looking at artist who use their own bodies in Art Yang Zhichao who has collaborated and been taught by the Aiwewe

Brian Chalkley said there are clubs for people to dress up like this, But I want to show my work in places that are probably not so obvious in doing so I challenge the viewer and my self. I have just read 'The Explicit Body in Performance' really interesting book by Rebecca Schneider looking at artist like Annie Sprinkle and Carolee Schneemann who's work were seen by the art establishment as Naive and Narcissistic out of touch with the new reformed art and a convenient cleaning up of the Advant Guarde that was according to the art establishment no longer in vougue.
The work was just letting go and enjoying myself. It was liberating and fun.

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