Monday, 26 May 2014

Shadow Video 1

25th May 2014
Its not the first time I have noticed the light and how it catches the next-door tree, creating these beautiful instant and almost abstract images on different surfaces around the house. I have a selection on photos that I have taken in the past which I will add to this post as and when I find them. I have made three films on the date above It would be interesting to see these projected onto a wall or even a image to see how it changes not only in size and shape but if it changes the image its being projected on!.
I have for to long been obsessed with the idea that I make Sculpture that have an impact and presence. Being afraid to try other things as they wont match up to the sculptures. Doing an Ma at Chelsea has helped me to accept that other aspects of my day to day life may also influence my practice it might not always be evident and it may not always succeed. But its important to be open to everything and try anything...
I really like the way shadows and images pop up around the house creating unexpected and beautiful images that would otherwise go unnoticed and unseen...

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