Wednesday, 28 May 2014

'Circle of Life' By Joshua Raffell Music Ricky Kyle

Erica was one of the first works I made, he has been shown at Sluice, studio1.1 he also appears on the postcard of my work at studio1.1 as well as appearing at supernormal, so it only seemed fitting to have him perform my first animation.
I make no apologise for the crude and raw state of the work, just like the early works of Cleas Oldenburg or the raw performances of Paul Maccarthy I 'm not so interested in a beautiful finished product. The viewer needs to do some of the work...
As a dyslexic person I often find my self struggling to work out how to use programmes etc.. as, one day I can be really confident, do amazing things, the next day, I struggle to remember how to switch the computer on.
The work reflects this constant struggle, for example, the link to this animation is not showing correct, (I will fix it but today is not the day!) This has now been fixed  I am also inspired by  Alison Schulnick and Natalie Djurnberg

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