Friday, 30 May 2014

Putting Right- Sean Edwards Thurs 29th May

Went to see this show last night really light and fun, interesting use of everyday object and I found the information about the work probably more interesting than the work its self, It does feel that a lot of artist are doing this minimalist throw things together type work. I also liked the fact that Sean Edwards asked to have nothing to do with the statement. I also liked the quote from the press release "while Edwards insists the work is nothing until the viewer completes it. (an occupation with the philosophy of the tree falling unheard in the forest conundrum rather than the express point of all art, to engage viewers)."
I not sure I would have got any of what was mentioned from the exhibition although I find myself still thinking about! I am trying to consider the work with some relationship to my own practice and how I often use Kineticto to try and encourage viewer participation. Michelle and myself were left wondering if touching the work was apart of the so called viewer completion of the work? what is the protocol around work that requires some involvement from the viewer? 

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