Monday, 26 May 2014

Jihoon Son & Joshua Raffell

this work was produced with Jihoon Son at Chelsea 2014
I really enjoy working with other artist whose work I admire and Jihoon is one such artist. His work is prolific and constantly stimulating he portrays work that is darker and fun raw and beautiful. The Poster was one of Jihoon's installations which often shows naked dolls or blow up sex dolls in depraved and unsettling positions. to see more of his work go to
It was an interesting journey over a couple of days we had very grand ideas about what we were going to to however very few of the conversations actually came to anything. But the performance "Its a crime Scene, But the Crime Hasn't Been Committed Yet' was influenced by Nina Simone 'Misssissippi Goddam' that talks about the segregation and atrocity's cared out black people in 1961 Mississopi Jihoon & myself were aware that there was an expectation for us to go crazy like  Paul Macarthy and make a mess but we decided to keep it a calm.  Showing respect and consideration for the other. Jihoon suggested we stripped just before we went out again showing our vulnerability and adding to the expectation of the audience.